How to Register a Domain Name – 4 Simple Steps

If you have recently decided to take that step in registering your own domain name, you will find that learning how to register a domain name is quite easy. Soon you will be the proud owner of your own piece of the internet. Using this space, you can advertise and promote your business in the most effective way possible: online. Below are four steps that will walk you through how to register a domain name quickly and easily.

The first step is to think of the perfect domain name for your business. Once you have thought of a good name, you need to find out if it is available for purchase. You can do this by searching Google for “domain name search” and use one of the sites that comes up to find out if someone already owns the domain name you want. If not, great! Move to step two. If someone is already using it, you will have to think of another name.

Step two is to find a registrar that you can purchase your domain name from. is a great choice. They are one of the biggest registrars and have incredible service. Once you have decided on your registrar, sign up for an account.

Step three is to reserve your domain name. Godaddy has a domain checker built right in that will help you find your domain. Add it to your cart.

Step four is to pay for your domain name. Using PayPal will avoid any waits associated with using other forms of payment.

Once your domain name has been bought and paid for, you will be ready to build up your site to anything you want it to be.